Family Owned and Operated

The Dorr Family: Chad, Mia, Stephanie, Lynda, & Ricky

Dorr Lobster Company is a family run business since 1977. The business began with a single fisherman and has expanded to include a state-of-the-art cold-water seasoning and packaging facility. Our goal has always been to provide the freshest and most affordable product to consumers directly from the coastal waters of Maine.

Dorr Lobster Company practices state lobster fishing regulations to insure sustainability for generations to come. We buy directly at our family owned wharf from local fisherman, which allows us to price reasonably and trace our lobster to where they are being caught daily.

The Dorr Lobster FaciltiyStriving to be a seafood industry leader, we are continually adding a variety of fresh local seafood and related items to our website.

Our goal is to make Maine Lobster accessible and affordable to our customers. For a true taste of Maine, order from Dorr Lobster!

Member of the Maine Lobster Promotion Council



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