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Dorr Lobster Co., Inc. supplies the freshest lobster and seafood available that Maine has to offer. Our live lobster come from the pristine waters of Downeast Maine which carries some of the finest lobsters.

Dorr Lobster StorageWe purchase our lobster form our local fisherman daily. This allows our lobster to be the best quality that you can buy. Once unloaded from the lobster boat, the lobster are taken to our facility. Our facility consists of a large lobster tank that has a capacity to hold 30,000 lbs of live lobster at a temperature of 38 degrees. Keeping lobster at this temp allows them be strong and healthy for a much more superior product when arrive at your business. Along with our lobster tank system we also have 2 lobster pounds that can hold a capacity of 100,000 lbs. Having these lobster pounds allows us to have a constant supply of lobster during the winter months when weather is harsh and supply is low.

Dorr Lobster Co., Inc. specializes in shipping direct to the consumer anywhere in the USA.  We also delivery to supermarkets, seasonal restaurants, caterers, and specialty stores across the state on Maine.

When your order is received, they are pack with the utmost handling and care from your FDA HAACP certified facility. Your order will arrive via overnight carrier. Dorr Lobster Co., Inc. also hold a valid CFN # 3003060106 which allows us to pack for European shipments. Seafood orders in New England are also available to be delivered by truck if large quantities are ordered.

Dorr Lobster ShippingOur goal here at Dorr Lobster Co., Inc. is to provide our customer with the highest quality seafood at competitive prices. All of our products on our website are available in wholesale quantities. Take the time today and fill out a credit application and take the step towards getting the freshest seafood Maine has to offer at the best prices! Call or email to discuss our products, pricing, delivery options and payment plans. We look forward to fulfilling your seafood needs.

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Please contact Chad @ chad@dorrlobster.com for more information if you are interested in wholesale.


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